1 – TS 2000N

A complete, attractive range. The basin, apron and splashback of the TS2000N are all produced as a single piece, giving the product its elegant lines. It incorporates all the functions you need:… Find out more

2 – GA washbasin

Compact: the GA wash basin’s compact size means it can fit into all kinds of premises, even the tiniest. Square in shape, 30 x 30 cm, it provides the ideal solution for hand-washing without taking up too much space.… Find out more

3 – GC washbasin

Practical The GC washbasin represents an attractive compromise between space and comfort. Its rectangular basin, 345 x 245 mm, provides plenty of room for washing your hands while occupying a limited space.… Find out more

5 – Janitor sink

Often required in certain markets, janitor sinks are ideal both for kitchen staff to wash their hands and for filling and emptying the buckets used to clean the kitchen.… Find out more