Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser

Specially designed for hygienic environments, our range of distribution of hydroalcoholic gel will allow you to combine safety and practicality at a lower cost. Stainless steel construction for all our distributors. Compatible with gel and liquid solutions. 

Alcohol gel dispenser :

Tube Ø 63.5 mm, brushed finish. Visible gel level. Filling of the pump tank wih no tools required. Bottle 400 ml (200 doses) supplied, empty. 

2 x 5-litre dispenser :

Pouring spout, controlled by a pedal. Removable receptacle under the spout (GN1/9 polypropylene container, depth 65 mm). Removable cover at the back of the dispenser to access bottles, slot to view the gel level. Lug to fit a padlock (not supplied) to secure bottles. Retractable carrying handle. 2 wheels Ø 80 mm.

1-litre dispenser :

Same design for 2 x 5-litre dispenser. Can be fixed to the floor. Capacity : 1-litre bottle at the back of the dispenser (supplied, empty). Without wheels or receptacle.