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Although stainless steel has been in daily use for nearly 100 years, many chefs and food service professionals are often unaware of this material except for its name.

Many misconceptions are circulating about it and many users know little about the precautions to take to keep it from its beautiful original appearance.

Thanks to our brochure detailing the maintenance advice and also thanks to our video, maintain your equipment to keep it in perfect condition!

The WEEE network is based on the principle of extended producer responsibility (EPR), which makes it possible to include in the selling price of products placed on the market, the compensation of part of the cost of repairing their environmental impact.

The EPR thus shifts the financial burden of the costs of disposing of the waste generated by the producer onto the consumer. Its practical application makes it possible to make legal and natural persons responsible for the source of pollution and encourages all actions to reduce them at the source.