Collective catering

Canteens for companies, schools, the medical sector, social and leisure clubs: Tournus partners with installers to supply stainless steel equipment for collective kitchens and meal distribution lines.

  • Stainless steel equipment: regeneration and temperature control, trolleys, stainless steel furniture, shelving, washbasins, waste bins, floor drains, dishwashing, pans and containers.
  • Meal distribution: furniture with stainless steel or granite tops, technical modules for all types of layout: in line, scramble service, islands, food courts.

From design to installation

We can create all types of meal distribution spaces for your restaurant: linear self-service, scramble service, islands, kiosks, food courts, sandwich bars… depending on the specialities the customer wants (show cooking, instant cooking, world cuisine, themed meals, fast food, healthy eating).

Our expertise: transforming a need expressed by the chef and designer into a welcoming space for eating and relaxation by combining materials, colours, styles and equipment.



Companies, head offices, government departments, local authorities: a lunch break with colleagues!


Performance & pleasure

Our distribution lines are produced to improve the diners’ freedom of movement, limit waiting times and encourage contact with catering staff. The equipment and its layout adapt to irregular use and absorb peaks in demand.

All our self-service buffets are made to measure

A team dedicated to our customers, supporting them from preliminary design to installation. Each project is preceded by a feasibility study and based on location plans, cross-sections and elevations.

All our meal distribution lines are trial-assembled at the factory before dispatch to ensure they fit the order and can be installed quickly and with no surprises.


Nursery school, primary school, secondary school, college, university: getting together with friends!


Health and social care

Hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes: when you have an appetite, you have everything!



Theme parks, holiday resorts, exhibition centres, museums: the open air gives you an appetite!