CED company

In 2016 Tournus Equipement bought up CED (Catering Equipment Design), based in Liverpool, England. Like Tournus Equipement, CED designs, manufactures and markets equipment for professional kitchens. CED can boast 26 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying for the commercial catering sector.

CED has a catalogue of products and technical and commercial expertise that is well known in Great Britain in the fast food and takeaway sector and for custom-made meal dispensing buffets.

Designline: Beautiful Toughness, Ruthless Reliability. The Designline built-in modules make up lines with cabinets and displays in curved shapes. Designline has a wide array of heated, refrigerated and neutral modules for self-service and server sales.

Kubus: streamlined, straight profiles, excellence and performance : The Kubus built-in modules optimise a clean-lined straight layout. The displays are reinforced with columns and a straight structure combining aluminium and shiny polished stainless steel pro les. The cabinets with 3 glass levels showcase products.

Patisserie: the must-have add-on for small-scale catering: The display of the food on sale is optimised thanks to the comtemporary Kubus and Designline cabinets. These refrigerated,
heated or neutral displays are available in self-service or server sale versions. They have at pro les or elegant curves with robust superstructures combining stainless steel and aluminium.

Backbar: the versatile, modular bar counter system: Backbar is a versatile counter system. Its base sections can be incorporated behind made-to-measure facades in order to have all the must-have components of a bar, with lots of practical accessories too.