Custom manufacture


For every project, there is a solution

Twenty years of experience in self-service and company canteens and over 1,500 successful projects over the last five years.


All our self-service buffets are made to measure

  • A team dedicated to our customers, supporting them from preliminary design to installation.
  • Each project is preceded by a feasibility study and based on location plans, cross-sections and elevations.
  • All our meal distribution lines are trial-assembled at the factory before dispatch to ensure they fit the order and can be installed quickly and with no surprises.
  • Tournus works with its partners from the project design stage until the distribution line enters service.
  • Definition of the self-service line with the project client.
  • Publication online of cross-sections, elevations and top-down views (
  • Wide range of decorative colours and granites.
  • Estimates.
  • Realistic 3D renderings and detailed plans.
  • Supply of production plans.
  • Availability of as-built file documents on our website, a considerable time saving when putting together documentation.

Wide range for different environments: school canteens, company catering etc.

Fish counter

Tournus Equipement is now the leading French manufacturer of retail fish counters and a specialist supplier of bakery and delicatessen equipment. Over 15000 fish counters manufactured over more than 30 years.


Tournus means:

  • A professional service covering the counter and its environment (behind the counter, laboratory, cold room).
  • Support for your project, advice on the design of your counter and liaising with the other contractors involved:
    AutoCAD plans for architects and site managers, communication with other trades: fogging, plumbing, electricity, refrigeration, fish tanks. Perfect knowledge of standards and the needs of veterinary services.

Custom counters

  • Equipment designed to suit your premises and your customer flows. Custom shapes and lengths.
  • Option of combining several types of counters. Wide choice of bases and glazing.
  • All accessories for fish preparation and sales.
  • Adaptation to your store’s budget

Compliance with commitments

  • Close contact with your store.
  • Respect for deadlines.
  • Monitoring of progress on site.
  • Installation by a dedicated team.

Custom furniture

A large proportion of Tournus Equipement’s activity involves providing appropriate solutions for the different types of special production required by the customer. Tournus Equipement works with you to define the product’s characteristics, produces a costing and confirms the plans before launching production.

Our special production focuses principally on three types of requirement:

  • The request may involve specific dimensions – Tournus makes custom products based on the design of its standard products. This often concerns tables, sinks, units and shelving. The general appearance of the products is similar to that of the standard products, with the same characteristic shapes: rounded edges, splashback height and even door handles.
  • The request may be based on standards defined by design offices to give the product a specific advantage in terms of ergonomics, hygiene or ease of cleaning. For example, Tournus produces furniture with rounded corners, bases shaped to collect liquids, fully welded tables or extra-long items.
  • Sometimes the customer needs furniture to be specially built because it has to fit around a wall, a central pillar or a bevelled angle. Alternatively, the customer might just want furniture of exceptional quality. Tournus produces furniture with mirror finishes and assemblies that combine stainless steel with other materials, such as glass, granite or quartz.

All these products correspond to items that are manufactured daily at the Tournus industrial site. Our considerable design resources and the multiple skills of our teams ensure that your products will be manufactured in line with your requirements and to short deadlines.



Tournus Equipement can produce any special type of manufacture based on your plans to adapt to the space available and the location of the dishwasher: sorting tables, slide tables, roller tables, custom shelving, serving hatches.

The tables are made of stainless steel with tops 15/10ths of a mm thick, and the legs are stainless steel tubes 45 mm in diameter with welded spacers, fitted with jacks and non-slip feet. Custom installations can be produced based on your plans to suit any brand and type of dishwasher.

Tournus also produces custom waste sorting installations: pre-sorting tables and units, sorting units to be installed centrally or against a wall, with front or rear access, designed to suit your premises.