Joint design

For custom equipment, come to Tournus. There are no approximate measurements in the kitchen: chefs have the right to the very best layout. The Tournus experience is a win-win-win situation in which the customer, the installer and the Tournus designer all contribute their expertise. The most original projects are developed as joint designs.

Technical skills

  • 6 technicians will submit your whole quotation (full layout quotation)
  • 17 draftsmen specialised in defining your projects
  • 6 customer services representatives will advise you
  • 11 manufacturing lines

Industrial responsiveness

  • All our custom equipment is designed and manufactured in Tournus. Keeping all our activities in one place makes communication easier, creates better team cohesion and shortens deadlines.
  • Special products are manufactured within 3 weeks (hors juillet-août).
  • Ease and speed of product assembly are a priority right from the design stage.