Professional kitchen equipment

Tournus Equipement is a French manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment for catering.

Tournus Equipement can be found in cafés, hotels, restaurants, canteens, catering kitchens, butchers, delicatessens,  bakeries and pastry shops, even fishmonger stalls and most food shops.

This industrial company is the French market leader in the production of stainless steel furniture and goods for professional kitchens. We are a local manufacturer, based in Tournus, Burgundy, producing quality equipment recognized by professionals.

A sustainable manufacturer

The company is a well known supplier to restaurateurs and traders, its reputation extends internationally. This Burgundy manufacturer has been producing professional catering products for more than a century. Founded in 1910, the Manufacture Métallurgique de Tournus, as it was called, has always known how to re-invent itself, to become this industrial jewel of the 21st century

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A position of quality and excellence

Tournus Equipment is very well placed to offer the best possible solution to its customers.

It has established and developed a reputation for excellence in the industry, offering a wide range of reliable and innovative stainless steel kitchen equipment at competitive prices.

This company is proud to be one of the main French companies in the construction of professional catering equipment, who supply the entire territory.

Its aim is to provide its customers with the best possible products, at attractive prices, combined with an exceptional level of customer service.

The production processes and conditions make it possible to deal with emergencies among catering professionals: the design of made-to-measure elements, the responsiveness of the production chain, rapid delivery and on-site installation by experienced technicians, are all advantages in the service of professional customers.

The production goods that leave its factory are designed and manufactured according to the rigorous standards that one has the right to expect in the field of catering equipment. The quality is to ensure the proper functioning and efficiency of catering businesses, to provide its customers with the best possible experience.

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Kitchen equipment Types

Whatever their activity or size, Tournus Equipment’s regular customers are demanding. They know what they want and call on the professional know-how of a manufacturer who has established itself and proven itself in this particular market.

Amongst other items, we manufacture preparation tables to cut meat, vegetables or pizza. We provide cupboards for displaying drinks at the bar, we also make self service display lines for fish and fresh produce serving on supermarket shelves… In Tournus, we have long known how to adapt to the specific and varied needs of professionals.

What equipment choice is available in Tournus?

Catering equipment, kitchen equipment, stainless steel trolleys, tables and shelving, refrigerated cabinets, accessories for washing and hygiene in the food trades, etc.

In Tournus, we manufacture product ranges of all sizes, in stainless steel for professional kitchens and seafood sales stalls. The Saône-et-Loire production unit is one of the most modern factories in the profession.

Our main ranges of catering kitchen equipment generally consist of stainless steel furniture, but we also use other materials too! (plastic, aluminium, glass, etc.):

  • Stainless steel tables, cutting tables, work tables, preparation tables;
  • Stainless steel furniture heated displays, refrigerated displays;
  • Temperature-maintaining or hot-maintenance cabinets, refrigerated cabinets, positive or negative, storage cabinets, for food stocking, for cleaning products and brooms, knife sterilization cabinets, refrigerated display cases for drinks.
  • Service trolleys, tray trolleys, wheeled trolleys for handling dishes;
  • Rethermalization ovens, electric ovens, baking ovens, bain-marie cabinets for hot dishes;
  • Containers for storage, freezing, handling, cooking and distribution, gastronorm containers in stainless steel (with their European format, gastronorm containers (GN) are suitable for the preparation, cooking or serving of dishes), containers in aluminium, new vacuum containers for low temperature cooking;
  • Trays and grids, gastronorm grids, aluminum trays, black sheet metal, stainless steel, ABS plastic trays, cutting boards, plate racks and cutlery racks;
  • Shelving, stainless steel cabinets for cookware utensils, shelves for cold rooms, food storage shelves, removable shelves, bar and containers for the presentation of self-service starters, meat dishes and vegetable dishes;
  • Hygiene equipment such as sinks, cleaning equipment, waste collection, wash-basins, gutters and floor drains, garbage cans, or even laundry tables, entry and exit tables for dishwashers, compatible with hood machines;
  • Tailor-made manufacturing of elegant and functional self-service lines, meal distribution lines;
  • Accessories and spare parts.
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The history of a company with a future...

  • 1910

    Creation of the Manufacture Métallurgique de Tournus - around forty workers produce aluminum objects and household items like stoves, saucepans & basins, ... In 1925, there were no less than 3000 referenced products!

    The "Manu", as it was called, was, at one time, the largest household utensil company in Europe!

  • 1932

    Aluminum becomes a symbol of modernity and the production activity is developing strongly in particular thanks to the involvement of the supplier Péchiney. New processes such as stamping modernize the company, which then employ 400 people.

  • 1950

    The golden age of MMT. The "Tournus" brand has acquired its reputation, thanks to the solidity and quality of its manufacture. Employment at the site has grown to 600 people. The train facilitates shipments, via a line arriving directly at the factory.

  • 1964

    A new handling workshop is born. It produces bins, insulated containers and service trolleys. Stainless steel then enters manufacturing - this is the origin of Tournus Equipement.

  • 1991

    Bernard Tapie takes over the Manufacture Métallurgique de Tournus in the previous decade, associating the brands “Vivalp, Terraillon and Testud” with “Tournus”. The Equipment division is then sold to a shareholder from Lyon, René Aldeguer, also owner of "Morice", a manufacturer of ovens.

    The development of the activity is mainly aimed at the manufacture of stainless steel furniture and equipment for professional kitchens and self-service lines.

  • 2010

    Qualium Investissement, a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, becomes the majority shareholder of Tournus Equipement. Considerable investment and a succession of new product launches earn the company the number 1 position in France for professional stainless steel kitchen equipment and seafood product sales counters.

    2010 was also the occasion to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the “Manu”, a century of know-how. 220 people are employed at Tournus Equipement.

  • 2013

    Qualium Investissement passes on Tournus Equipement to its executives, who join forces with MML Capital, UI Gestion and BPI France (Banque Publique d’Investissement).

    The managers and all the staff hold the majority of the capital. A new adventure begins for the industrial manufacturer, which wishes to position itself as a major player in its sector in France, as well as to develop internationally.

  • 2016

    Tournus Equipment is accelerating its growth with the acquisition of the English company Catering Equipment Design, which has a recognized catalog and technical and commercial expertise in the field of fast food and takeaway sales, as well as for tailor-made meal distribution displays.

  • 2019

    Associated with Unigrains, Andera and Bpi France, the managers and employee shareholders hold 68% of the capital of Tournus Equipement. The company strengthens its leading position in France and continues its international development. Today, 300 people work in Tournus and ship 100,000 parcels a year.

    For 10 years, the company's turnover has experienced an average growth of 5% per year.

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A company with strong values

The production of the company is 100% French. The products have an “Origine France Garantie” certification. All standard or made-to-measure products are designed and manufactured on the same site in Tournus.

The company is also developing a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, through best practices to improve its competitiveness and governance: it received the “CSR Trophy”. This prize distinguishes exemplary companies in their sustainable development approaches, and for their concrete actions in favor of a sustainable, environmental, social and fairer economy.

A company bought out by its employees: employees hold 68% of the capital of Tournus Equipement and more than one in two employees (60%) is a shareholder in its working tool. The company organizes a capital increase each year exclusively reserved for employees. As such, we received the 2016 FAS Grand Prize for Employee Shareholding.

The company’s human skills, know-how and strong values ​​are the key to its success, growth and sustainability.

So why choose Tournus Equipement?

The catering equipment of this manufacturer has many advantages: the kitchen equipment perfectly meets the requirements of professionals in terms of robustness, hygiene and safety. The quality of the products is high and constant, thanks to industrial manufacturing processes and permanent quality controls. Each meal distribution line is assembled in the workshop before delivery.

The kitchen equipment is created to last, put on the market after severe resistance tests, exceeding the constraints of normal use. Hospitality furniture, tables, cupboards, professional kitchen utensils, gastronorm containers, etc. are manufactured with the care required for impeccable quality.

Innovation is not left out in Tournus. For more than a century, it has been the driving force behind the production methods, technologies and materials used to manufacture modern kitchen equipment, which adapts to current trends, at competitive prices.

15 people work in the design office, dedicated to the development of new products and the special manufacturing of equipment for professional kitchens.

The dimensions and specificities of the equipment can be made to measure, in record time. Each made-to-measure offer is preceded by a feasibility study, with the production of a realistic 3D rendering, layout plans, reservation plans, etc. Made-to-measure represents a quarter of the products manufactured.

A modern showroom makes it possible to visualize the products in situation.

There is a large stock of immediately available kitchen equipment, with reverse seasonal manufacturing, to meet deadlines.

Catering professionals cannot afford to waste time. In the event of necessary repairs, the after-sales service makes it a point of honor to be reactive. Part of the after-sales service is specialized in spare parts and a hotline is dedicated to warranty follow-up.

Tournus Equipement does not limit itself to the sale of equipment for professionals: the company is aware of the importance of the essential services linked to the installation of professional kitchen equipment.

Express delivery is assured, with 40,000 shipments per year. 65% of the products are permanently in stock, and, for standard products that are not, they are available for delivery for dispatch within 4 working days.

The Tournus Equipement team is able to give you the best possible advice on kitchen equipment suited to your needs.