Press-drawn sinks

Tournus offers a wide range of sinks produced as standard and to custom specifications. The front edge and splashback angles are rounded in the same way as the tables and stainless steel units, creating a uniform look across the range. General specifications Stainless steel construction. Height 900 mm (height 850 mm on request). Splashback height

Extra-deep sinks

For washing large utensils, Tournus offers sinks with large bowls of up to 800 x 600 mm.Tip: sinks with a bowl measuring 680 x 510 mm are specially adapted for large GN containers. General specifications Stainless steel construction . Height 900 mm (height 850 mm on request). Rounded front edge and rounded splashback similar to

Sink cupboards

For a uniform look, with additional storage space, choose a sink cupboard. The design includes rounded front strip and splashback angles and sliding doors that harmonise with the stainless steel tables and units. General specifications Stainless steel welded construction. Height 900 mm. Sink bowl 500 x 500 x 300 mm. Dosseret hauteur 100 mm. Rounded