Self-contained washbasin

The self-contained washbasin is specially designed for mobile traders and caterers. It is a complete, robust, ergonomic product, ideal for repeated travelling and frequent handling.

A complete washbasin

This is a fully comprehensive washing point:

  • water supply with foot-operated electric control
  • splashback with soap dispenser (500 ml)
  • hand towel dispenser protected by the bowl apron
  • removable waste bin with swing lid
  • delivered with 2 x 6 volt batteries (life-time: 2600 operations)

A sturdy wash basin

Designed for use in difficult conditions, the free-standing washbasin is made of stainless steel. It has an apron round 3 sides.

An ergonomic washbasin

Easy to move thanks to the 2 fixed wheels Ø 125 mm and the arched handle over the top. The wash basin has 2 x 13 litre containers, one for clean water, the other for waste water. When the unit needs to be moved these containers are held in place by a removable bar. A space is provided underneath the bowl to store 2 spare batteries.

Self-contained mobile washbasin with built-in water heater

Self-contained mobile washbasin with built-in water heater for the food trade. The basin contains a built-in water heater for instant hot water. A knob controls the water temperature (up to 45°C). Supplied with power cable and electric plug for connection to a 230 V 16 A power supply. Power 3.7 kW. Water heater safety cut-out in case the water tank is empty.