“Origine France Garantie” quality

We meet our commitments

  • Reliable service: 98.5% of orders are dispatched on time.
  • Quotations for customised products will follow a feasibility study.

Our products are created to last

  • None of our products are released to the market until they have passed stringent strength tests.
  • Products are guaranteed with 430 test reports performed in our laboratory.

Quick and trouble-free installation

  • Easy and quick product assembly is a priority right from the design phase.


Proof of commitment

Garanteed French Origin

The Guaranteed French Origin (OFG) label promoted by the Pro France association is based on a stringent standard drawn up in 2011. Guaranteed French Origin reassures consumers that products bearing the logo were manufactured in France. This guarantee, validated by a certifying body, is based on a specification made up of two cumulative criteria:

  • for industrial products, manufacturing should take place in France: the product takes on its essential characteristics and distinctive form in France.
  • 50% to 100% of the unit cost price of these products is created in France. The cost price includes the production cost and the costs related to research and development.

Applicants undertake to adhere to the social, environmental and health standards in force. The list of products currently recognised as OFG is available from www.nosachatsfrançais.com

NF-Hygiene Alimentaire

The NF Hygiene-Alimentaire certification stems from a voluntary initiative by manufacturers. This standard applies to equipment intended for mass catering and bakery-confectionery refrigerated equipment. It recognises the quality of the products, certified by AFNOR, a specialised body.

  • The NF – Hygiene Alimentaire Certification guarantees the quality of materials intended for food contact.
  •  The NF – Hygiene Alimentaire Certification guarantees that products can be easily cleaned. Backed by guidelines relating to each type of equipment, it guarantees that the equipment is quick and easy to clean in order to prevent dirt traps where bacteria can grow.
  • The NF – Hygiene Alimentaire Certification guarantees the thermal, refrigeration and isothermal performance of appliances to ensure that the temperature raising and lowering times are adhered to as well as the storage temperatures.
  • The NF – Hygiene Alimentaire Certification guarantees the sealing of the refrigeration circuit of products in compliance with the European regulations relating to refrigerants.
  • It therefore contributes to the prevention of foodborne diseases and facilitates the setting up of an HACCP system with the emphasis on end user food safety

NSF Mark

NSF International is an independent certification body committed to public health, safety and environmental protection. The NSF mark certifies that a product has been recognised as complying with the international food industry standards.

Manufacturers undergo strict assessment, products are tested and factories spot-checked.

The NSF standard is based on products that can be easily cleaned. It vouches for the company’s commitment to quality, product compliance and consumer safety.

CE Marking

The CE marking demonstrates the compliance of products with the requirements laid down to manufacturers by the European Union. It entitles products to free movement throughout the European Union and the right to be used therein.

The European Directive relating to the CE marking relates in our profession to low voltage electrical appliances, appliances emitting electromagnetic waves, machines and gas appliances. The CE mark is compulsory for these products.

ISO 50001

ISO 50001 certification is a management tool that enables evaluation of a company’s energy expenditures, implementation of an energy consumption metering plan, improvement of energy performances, and innovation in investment choices. This certification entails the involvement of our entire factory and therefore concerns all our products manufactured in Tournus. We have been working on enhancement of our manufacturing processes and the optimisation of efficiency of the energy consumption of our machines. The Building Management System has been modernised, with more efficient management of lighting and heating. Implementation of this ambitious plan aims to achieve a 20% energy saving by 2020. The more rationalised use of energy will contribute to the development of a sustainable and efficient operation, preserving the environment and natural resources, while at the same time contributing to the company’s competitiveness

Tournus Equipement is a member of the SYNETAM

The national trade union SYNETAM brings together and represents French manufacturers of equipment and utensils for the catering and culinary arts. SYNETAM members are stringently selected based on strict criteria. 

As a signatory of the SYNETAM quality charter, Tournus Equipement undertakes in particular to adhere to the following points:

  • Marketing of strictly compliant equipment.
  • Equipment manufactured in accordance with environmental protection and ethical requirements (no exploitation of children, freedom of trade unions, no discrimination, workplace health and safety)..
  • Personalised assistance in the choice of equipment adapted to user requirements.
  • Specialist advice for the layout and optimum operation of appliances.
  • 10-year guarantee of availability of OEM parts or parts certified as compliant.
  • Public liability insurance cover.
  • Instructions for installation, start-up, use and maintenance supplied with the equipment.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification, delivered by an accredited body, certifies the company’s quality management system and ensures international recognition.

Guarantee of professionalism:

The ISO 9001 procedure is aimed at implementing a customer-centric quality policy, laying down relevant targets and bringing together the human resources to achieve these efficiency targets. The standard promotes an organisation involving all the players across the company.

Continuous improvement:

lSO 9001 defines the requirements aimed at zero defects by reducing failures, errors, non-compliances and complaints.

Demanding procedure:

Companies undertake to comply with the ethical, regulatory and legal requirements in force.

Longtime Certification

Longtime validates our ability to develop products “designed to last over time”. 

This implies that they are robustly designed, easy to repair, and that sensitive parts (fans, boards, electronics, etc.) are easily accessible and replaceable. The availability of after-sales parts, even more than 10 years after the sale of the product, and the quality and accuracy of documents, manuals and spare parts catalogs are decisive criteria in obtaining this label. 

This label applies to Roll’Service, Roll’Fresh, Temp’Up and Oreo2 and Oreo3 self-services.

Member of RFE

Resto France Experts (RFE) is the new association for foodservice engineering, bringing together not only design offices, but also other players contributing to the success of hotel and catering projects (from equipment to hygiene consulting, including nutrition, ergonomics, logistics, training, legal, digital, communication, etc.). 

The aim is to pool skills and promote know-how in France and abroad. Resto France already boasts some sixty member companies with a wide range of skills. Tournus Equipement is one of the 9 founding members of RFE, of which we are also a director.

Member of CETIM

Furniture Commission (Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques). Participation in joint projects: stainless steel and kitchen equipment maintenance.