Mobile bag holders

For storing and removing kitchen waste, the Tournus Equipement bag holder design combines three qualities that guarantee the durability of these products: robustness, ease of use and hygiene. The new range of mobile bag holders for waste collection and disposal comes in 2 heights and 3 versions: 900 mm for general use 700 mm to fit under

Bag holders with clips

Operating principle: the pedal opens a clip consisting of two rubber-coated stainless steel jaws. This principle is just as effective as a lid, but takes up less space. Even more hygienic The pedal opens the clip, which consists of two stainless steel jaws covered in rubber. This mechanism allows the bin to be closed hermetically.

Cylindrical waste bins and sanitary containers

These products, designed primarily for food retailers, each have specific benefits: the cylindrical waste bin is leak-proof, the fat and bone bin has a removable open-ended cylinder and the sanitary containers have protected storage for condemned meat and materials with specific risks. Cylindrical waste pedal bin Stainless steel construction. Leak-proof 2 swivel wheels. Capacity: 60

Snack bar bin

This attractive, robust waste collector was developed for fast-food outlets. The stainless steel swing panel allows trays to be cleared and the top has a lip to hold empty trays. 110 litre waste collector for snack bars and fast-food outlets. The top of the unit has a lip to hold empty trays. Mobile stainless steel