To get rid of flying insects, including flies, mosquitoes, midges, wasps and horseflies, effectively and without the use of chemicals. Ultraviolet light emitted by powerful fluorescent tubes attracts insects towards a high-voltage metal grille, which electrocutes them, or an adhesive board that holds them fast.

Principle of operation

Flying insects are attracted by the light of a fluorescent tube.

Electric insect-killers electrocute the insects as they pass through an electrified grille, then collect them in a tray.

With adhesive insect-killers, the insects stick to a board next to the tube. This process catches even the smallest insects cleanly and effectively.


Benefits of Tournus insect-killers :

  • The coating, the electrocution grille and the collection drawer are made of stainless steel. These appliances are built for long-lasting use.
  • The long-lasting effectiveness of the actinic UV tubes. The lights maintain 80% of their original effectiveness after 5000 hours of use compared to only 3000 hours for a standard tube.

Clean and safe

Access to the live grilles is protected by an outside grille.

This protective outside grille prevents electrocution. Opening the outside grille shuts off the electrical power immediately. In addition to this safety feature, the current is 9 mA, meaning there is no risk of electrocution.


Adhesive insect-killers operate silently, without causing sparks, insect explosions or projections. The adhesive boards are odour-free and last an average of 4 weeks in summer, depending on insect numbers.

Wide choice

Tournus offers 7 models from 15 to 80 W to ensure optimum protection in rooms from 40 to 180 m². The insect killers are available in suspended or wall-mounted versions.

Actinic tubes

To ensure maximum effectiveness, we recommend changing the actinic tubes every year in spring. The tubes are easy to replace. Remove the outside grille with a screwdriver. The actinic tubes are sold individually or by the dozen.

Adhesive boards

The boards are sold by the dozen. They can be replaced without using tools. They are placed vertically in the central part of the device (one board in the wall-mounted model, two boards back to back in the suspended model).

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