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Professional stainless steel kitchen cabinet by Tournus Equipment

For your professional stainless steel kitchen furniture, call on the know-how and experience of a French manufacturer more than a century old!

Since 1910, Tournus Equipement has been producing high quality professional stainless steel furniture and equipment.

Usine Tournus Equipement

What are the advantages of Tournus Equipment?


In the work of fitting out kitchens for professionals, furniture with made-to-measure dimensions often imposes itself among the usual constraints.

Established since the creation of Tournus Equipment, the tailor-made manufacture of stainless steel equipment and furniture solutions allows us to effectively support our customers in fitting out their professional kitchens.

Our design office is attentive to the needs or ideas of the client, with a view to co-design.

With the expertise of our teams of designers, technicians and installers, your bespoke stainless steel kitchen project takes shape, at the best price.

The reactivity

Manufacturing times are very short, around 3 weeks.

Everything is designed and produced in the same place, in Tournus, in Burgundy.

For our designers, the assembly of equipment on site must be easy. Everything is done to ensure that your kitchen is delivered and installed as soon as possible.

And for delivery, products in stock can be dispatched within 48 hours.

Shelving installation assistance

We offer online shelving layout software on our site.

This digital tool allows you to achieve the optimal layout of your shelving. He also assists you with the production of an estimate for the preparation of the packaging.

The products in our catalog are also available for your BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects.

Made in France

Our French company is based in Saône-et-Loire. All stages, from product design to manufacturing, take place in the same place, on the factory site, in Tournus in Burgundy. A production 100% made in France, for quality products, standard or tailor-made, at a competitive price, with fast delivery times.

Discover our ranges of stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel is a material of choice for making furniture for the CHR sector, equipment for catering and the kitchen of professionals.

We also produce fish stalls and stainless steel self-service lines.

Rethermalization ovens, refrigerated display cases, cooking containers, temperature maintenance cabinets, storage or storage shelves, equipped trolleys, accessories and utensils, …

Our manufacturing experience covers countless applications of our technologies, at the service of kitchen professionals.

Some examples of our achievements:

  • Equipment for a professional stainless steel kitchen: wall shelves, gastronorm containers, stainless steel cabinets, with sliding doors or hinged doors, stainless steel base cabinets, storage cabinets, with drawers, sinks, laundry tables…
  • Cupboards: negative or positive refrigerated stainless steel cupboards, drink cupboards, refrigerated display cases;
  • Work tables and supports: central stainless steel tables, tables for preparation or cutting, work surfaces, display stalls for seafood products;
  • Stainless steel trolleys: transport trolleys, service trolleys, rack holders and tray holders, with or without backrest;
  • Hygiene products: Stainless steel hand basins, sterilization cabinets, bag holders, insect repellents, disinfection stations;
  • Professional catering equipment, plates, grids, dishes and trays;
  • Stainless steel furniture for CHR: CHR tables, high cabinets or low stainless-steel furniture, wall shelves, … All stainless steel furniture for cafés, bars, hotels and restaurants;
  • Self-service, displays.

Why are professional kitchens made of stainless steel?

And why use stainless steel for food?

Stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials available for food preparation, serving and storage.

It is used because of its chemical inertness, non-toxicity and excellent durability.

This is when exposed to high temperatures and acidic conditions in cooking processes, and when immersed in water or other liquids that may contain acidic or alkaline components, such as wine, vinegar, fruit juice, tomato sauce, mustard, etc.

With all the benefits of stainless steel kitchenware and utensils, it’s no surprise that professionals have been using this material for decades to keep their kitchen equipment in perfect condition, free from corrosion.

The choice of stainless steel for kitchen equipment is based on a number of factors:

  • Food safety for contact with food,
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance,
  • Corrosion resistance,
  • Temperature stability,
  • The durable quality, the high resistance of the material,
  • The profitability, the quality/price ratio,
  • The aesthetic appeal of the product: stainless steel furniture for professional kitchens reflects light and adapts to any style of decor or color.

Find our advice file on the maintenance of stainless steel in catering.