Stainless steel gastronorm pans

These stainless steel pans are suitable for storage, freezing, handling, cooking and distribution. Tournus Equipement offers a full range of stainless steel pans from GN2/1, available in six depths, to GN1/9. General characteristics Made of food-grade stainless steel with a chrome content higher than 17.5%. Pan thickness 1 mm  for GN2/1 models and 0.8 mm for

Copolyester Gastronorm containers

Tournus containers are made of Tritan, a bisphenol A-free copolyester developed by Eastman and an alternative to polycarbonate. These containers comply with the European EN 631.1 standard and are compatible with Gastronorm equipment and appliances from other brands. Advantages of copolyester : Material free from bisphenol A in accordance with French law Excellent resistance to impacts

Polypropylene Gastronorm containers

Polypropylene containers with volume markings in litres. Temperature range of -40°C to +80°C: suitable for cold storage, preparation and handling. These containers and lids comply with the European EN 631.1 standard and are compatible with Gastronorm equipment from other brands. Polypropylene advantages Completely recyclable Lightweight No marks on impact A complete range For food storage,

Sheets, racks and trays

Whether you run a kitchen or a food retailer, Tournus offers a wide range of dimensions for handling, preparing, storing, cooking and presenting your products: stainless steel racks, aluminium sheets, black stainless steel steels, ABS trays, aluminium containers. Gastronorm sheets and racks Description – Dimensions – Reference Black metal sheet with 1.5 mm pinched edges GN