GC washbasin

Practical The GC washbasin represents an attractive compromise between space and comfort. Its rectangular basin, 345 x 245 mm, provides plenty of room for washing your hands while occupying a limited space.

An even wider range

The GC washbasin is supplied complete and available in 6 versions, enabling it to adapt to a variety of requirements.

The GC washbasin alone: the basin, boxed in on 3 sides with a 29 mm rim at the back, is fixed to the wall with screws.

The GC washbasin with 540 mm splashback: the design of the splashback drains splashes back into the basin, protecting the wall completely against damp. The splashback includes a liquid soap dispenser with a capacity of 500 ml.

The GC washbasin with 790 mm splashback: this brings the benefits of the previous model, but the additional splashback height also makes it possible to fit a hand towel dispenser with capacity for 250 towels.

All these basins are knee-activated, with the tap triggered by pressing a paddle on the front.


Sturdy and ergonomic

The GC wash basin is a sturdy product designed to be long-lasting. It is made of stainless steel. It comes complete with a hot and cold water pre-mixer, equipped with check valves in order to protect the mains drinking water supply. It is supplied with a fixing bar, the hose to connect the pre-mixer to the goose neck, the goose neck itself and the sink pipe and trap.

The tap outlet has an aerator giving a softer stream of water with fewer splashes.

A space is provided underneath the bowl for the key to the soap dispenser.