TS 2000N

A complete, attractive range. The basin, apron and splashback of the TS2000N are all produced as a single piece, giving the product its elegant lines. It incorporates all the functions you need:

built-in soap dispenser, nailbrush with chain and bin for disposing of hand towels.

Basin 350 x 275 mm, depth 80 mm. Hot/cold mixer tap with non-return valves and temperature control. Washbasin supplied with 2 connecting hoses, trap and wall fixing bracket. The bin has a recess at the back for easy installation. NF food safety approval .

One-piece washbasin

Available in 2 versions:

with electronic control: infrared sensor cell. Robust, reliable tap made in France.

French-made electronically controlled mixer tap triggered by an infrared sensor cell. Turns on or off automatically as soon as hands are placed in front of the sensor or moved away, with no delay in order to save water. The tap also aerates the water for a softer flow and less water consumption.

The TS2000N operates with CR-P2 6-volt batteries (supplied), lasting for 350,000 actuations or 3 years. The TS2000N can also be mains powered. This version comes with a transformer for connection to a single-phase 230 V electricity supply.

knee-operated: controlled with a paddle on the front.

Bin recess

This recess makes it easy to install the washbasin regardless of the space taken up by water and drainage pipes.

Easy fitting

A fixing strip is first attached to the wall with 3 screws. The installer then just suspends the washbasin from the fixing strip. The tap can be fitted before the basin is attached to the wall.