Copolyester Gastronorm containers

Tournus containers are made of Tritan, a bisphenol A-free copolyester developed by Eastman and an alternative to polycarbonate. These containers comply with the European EN 631.1 standard and are compatible with Gastronorm equipment and appliances from other brands.

Advantages of copolyester :

  • Material free from bisphenol A in accordance with French law
  • Excellent resistance to impacts and cracking.
  • Durable material well suited to repeated dishwasher cycles.
  • Light and perfectly transparent, making it easy to see what is inside.
  • Fully recyclable material.

Practical and robust

  • Suitable for cold storage, preparation, storage and warming (cold preparation, hot preparation).
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +90°C.
  • Easy-to-hold lid with a moulded handle.
  • Stackable containers with no risk of jamming due to the smooth copolyester sides.
  • Volume markings in litres.