Sink cupboards

For a uniform look, with additional storage space, choose a sink cupboard. The design includes rounded front strip and splashback angles and sliding doors that harmonise with the stainless steel tables and units.

General specifications

  • Stainless steel welded construction. Height 900 mm.
  • Sink bowl 500 x 500 x 300 mm. Dosseret hauteur 100 mm.
  • Rounded front edge and rounded splashback similar to those of the stainless steel tables and units
  • Non-drip edges, grooved draining boards.
  • Welded worktop on the unit.
  • Reinforced inner panel sliding doors with stop block.
  • Stainless steel legs Ø 60 mm with jacks with no exposed thread
2-bowl cupboard sink with 1 draining board