Temp Up

The design of Tournus Equipement’s regeneration ovens is based on an in-depth survey of users. Four priority criteria guided the creation of the range: ergonomics, simplicity of use, hygiene and ease of cleaning, safety.

Food-grade stainless steel construction. Side walls and door insulated with mineral wool. GN 1/1 inner lining with rounded angles and press-drawn rails.Space between rails: 71 mm. Solid stainless steel reversible door, opens 240°, with compressible seal. Oven on stand with lower shelf, stainless steel legs Ø 45 mm with screw jacks. Built in control panel with touch-sensitive controls and display of the remaining heating time. ON-OFF control. Thumb-wheel to set the time. “Half load” button. Fries programme, automatic stop. At the end of the cycle an alarm sounds, then the oven shifts automatically to temperature holding. Two control principles:

  • Mono-program ovens: one single regeneration duration to program
  • Multi-program ovens: enable 2 or 3 regeneration durations and humidity to be controlled simultaneously

Electrical heating system: centrifugal fan at the back with external motor, circulating air through the watertight stainless steel shielded heating elements