Schools, corporations, government buildings, leisure facilities: this range meets the needs of collective or commercial catering organisations serving large numbers of covers every day. The range consists of stainless steel furniture with decorative cladding and tray rails. Units can be arranged in line or separately.

Specifications of units

Stainless steel construction. Depth 840 mm + ramp 322 mm, height 900 mm. Stainless steel top, thickness 2 mm, rounded front edge, straight rear edge. Trunking behind the front decor to enable furniture power cables to be routed along the entire length of the self-line. Electronic thermostat with touch screen. 3 types of display cabinets:

  • Refrigerated 3-level display cabinets in 6 mm thick tempered glass with sneeze guard. Customer side closed by thermal curtain, service side closed by double-glazed sliding doors.
  • Distribution display cabinets closed on the customer side by a micro-perforated thermal curtain with automatic roll-up mechanism, closed on the service side by double-glazed sliding doors (hinged doors for length 950 mm).
  • Presentation display cabinets closed on the customer side by 6 mm thick tempered glass, open on the service side.
  • Refrigerated units: with ventilated tank or static cooling. Smooth top or with flared bases.
  • Heating units: Top thickness 2 mm, orbital brushed rounded front edge, straight rear edge.
  • Complementary units: neutral units, corner units, crate units.


6 mm thick tempered glass shelf with 80 mm high glued sneeze guard. 2 Brushed stainless steel tube columns Ø38 mm with flared base.

A wide choice of standard dispensers:

  • Neutral dispensers
  • Dispensers with lighting 
  • Infrared dispensers
  • Halogen dispensers

Tray ramps

Tray ramp supplied, included in price and unit code. 4 stainless steel tubes, 3 for support and 1 to guide the trays, on composite brackets. Height 790 mm (in accordance with the Order of 31 May 1994, for people with reduced mobility). The ramp is continuous in the case of in-line units (maximum length 6 meters).


Self-service colours

Decorative cladding supplied: included in the price and the unit code. Double-sided waterproof melamine-coated plywood panels 16 mm thick with coated edges.

Side cladding extra: double-sided waterproof melamine-coated plywood panels 16 mm thick with stainless steel corner protectors, or stainless steel panels.

 Discover the new 2024-2026 collection:

1 – Cosmic Blue

U504 – ST9

2 - Cherry-red

U329 – ST9

3 - Sunflower-yellow

U114 – ST9

4 – Apple-green

U630 – ST9

5 – Black

U999 – ST7

6-Terracotta nude_U830ST9
6 – Terracotta nude

U830 – ST9

7 – Dark grey Chicago concrete

F187 – ST9

8 – Light grey Chicago concrete

F186 – ST9

9 - Metallic stainless steel

F500 – ST20

10 – Alpine white

W1100 – ST9

11- Champagne_American_maple
11 - Champagne American maple

H3860 – ST9

12 – Natural Bardolino Oak

H1145 – ST10

13 - Oiled Kendal Oak

H3171 – ST12

14-Halifax Natural Oak
14 - Halifax Natural Oak

H1180 – ST37

15 - Lorenzo Oak Sand

H3146 – ST19