Designed for cafeterias, sandwich bars, company canteens, offices and hotels, Ideco3 can be used for self-service counters where decoration is a crucial element in attracting customers. The range consists of standard modules without bases, which are designed to be incorporated into sets of all shapes and dimensions.

Freedom of arrangement

The Ideco3 modules fit into all implementation projects: in a line, scramble, in-store. The elements blend with all styles of decor.

Great robustness

Ideco3 modules stand out as reliable, long-lasting equipment, with a thickness of 20/10 mm on the stainless steel top and a design that gives priority to the quality of materials.

Simplified installation

The modules can be installed quickly and are interchangeable. Ideco3 modules enable cuts to be standardised: integrating is simplified.

Food safety

Ventilated display cabinets and refrigerated tanks ensure optimum temperature control. Tanks rounded off at all angles. Electronic thermostat with touch screen. Perfect continuity between the tops of units and uprights make for easy cleaning and guarantee faultless hygiene.