Floor drains

The Tournus Equipement range is growing, and now includes new gutters 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 mm long and 250 mm wide. These gutters are designed for use in corridors in front of lifts and doors. The range also includes non-slip stainless steel gratings for all gutter models..

The size of the Tournus range means you can always find the right gutter to suit your project. It includes 276 models for installation in canteens, restaurants and retail outlets with tiled or resin floors.

Characteristics common to all floor drains :

Small space requirement : installation of the floor drains does not require a sunken area in the slab. A reserved hole or core drilling diameter 225 mm is enough.

Outlet diameter 100 mm : this allows easy connection to the type of piping used most often.


Tournus pays great attention to the design and manufacture of its products in order to be able to guarantee durable use under the best possible conditions.

1- Durability over time

  • Made of stainless steel.
  • The trap housing is press-drawn, with no welds in the area under water.
  • The mesh size of the gratings is 19 x 19 mm, for easy passage of trolleys.

2- Hygiene

  • The depth of water is 60 mm.
  • The outlet includes a cross to trap pieces of scrap.
  • The gratings, available either in stainless steel or galvanised, can be cleaned in a sink.

3- High flow rate

  • 4 litres per second.