Floor siphons

Tournus produces two ranges of drains for tiled floors. The first have adjustable frames, enabling waterproofing thanks to overlaps running into the drain before the tiling or floor covering is laid.

The second consist of simpler drains formed as a single piece.

Stainless steel construction. Stainless steel grate Ø 175 mm. Distributed load: grate thickness 2 mm = 300 kg, grate thickness 8 mm = 5 tonnes. Radiused press-drawn container thickness 15/10th mm, outlet Ø 75 mm. Depth of water 60 mm. Flow rate 2 litres/second. 4 anchor tabs + earthing. Separate waste trap. Removable cover.

Drains with adjustable frames : these drains enable waterproofing, with overlaps into the body prior to laying the tiles or floor covering. Traps with adjustable frames can also be adjusted for height, rotation and angle.


Drains without adjustable frames : as there is no frame, waterproofing with overlaps into the casing when there is tiling or a resin floor covering is not possible. These drains must not be installed on an upper floor.