1 – Oréo2

Schools, corporations, government buildings, leisure facilities: this range meets the needs of collective or commercial catering organisations serving large numbers of covers every day. … Find out more

2 – Altissimo2

Company canteens, hotel buffets: the refined aesthetics of Altissimo2 allow you to create a personalised, original, cosy atmosphere where pleasure and relaxation are part of every meal. … Find out more

3 – Ideco2

Designed for cafeterias, sandwich bars, company canteens, offices and hotels, Ideco2 can be used for self-service counters where decoration is a crucial element in attracting customers. … Find out more

4 – Bambino2

The Bambino2 line is suited to the height of young children. Attractive and fun, with a wide choice of units, the range enables small schoolchildren to feel at home in a world built to their scale and to see the food easily. … Find out more

5 – Mandarine

Mandarine is another meal distribution range for children. The units, brightly coloured and shaped like fruits, are designed for a « free flow » layout. The fun appearance of the range makes it an educational opportunity, enabling even the youngest children to learn independence and good food habits. Mandarine is a range of units arranged in a « free flow » layout for children, with a fun appearance and fruit-like shapes designed to support learning about eating well… Find out more