1 – Rack shelving

Unmatched speed and ease of assembly: one person can assemble 5 metres in 5 minutes with no tools. This innovative design of shelving is very rigid thanks to its self-locking fit, and has excellent durability over time… Find out more

2 – Adjustable shelving

These robust adjustable shelves consist of independent modules that can support up to 200 kg at each level. The shelves, solid or perforated, can be adjusted to any position. This is made easier by … Find out more

3 – Wall shelving

Tournus offers 3 models of wall shelves: bar-top shelves, wall shelves with removable stainless steel decks and rack shelves for creating multi-level shelf assemblies… Find out more

4 – Rack modules

Tournus offers 2 types of rack modules. The first is an extremely robust design made of welded large-section stainless steel tubes, and the second is derived from the Tournus rack shelving, with aluminium uprights and shelves… Find out more