1 – Catering units

The very wide range of stainless steel units from Tournus Equipment, both standard and custom products, meets professional requirements in terms of robustness, hygiene and safety… Find out more

2 – Tall cupboards

Robust and functional, Tournus Equipment’s cupboards include tall cupboards with sliding or hinged doors and cupboards for cleaning products and brooms. New to the catalogue: cupboards with a collecting channel in the base… Find out more

4 – Bread-making units

Stainless steel units on wheels with beech tops for storing pieces of dough or for natural proving in bread making. The unit is designed to limit draughts and the wood allows for better natural humidity… Find out more

5 – Refrigerated units

Designed for performance, Tournus Equipement’s refrigerated cabinets are fitted with Tecumseh Hermetic Units. The built-in evaporator has a distribution tunnel at the top, protected from splashes… Find out more

6 – Heated units

The heating system in Tournus Equipement’s cabinets is designed to distribute temperature evenly within the unit, keeping the interior temperature in the products inside above 63°C for over two hours… Find out more