Water fountains

Beneficial for everyone’s health and well-being, Tournus Equipement water fountains are available in two models : a water fountain that fits into Tournus neutral furniture and a wall-mounted water fountain.

Easy to use : push-button integrated into the tap. Intuitive operation, suitable for foodservice.

Water savings : 

  • Controlled distribution, with no water wastage.
  • Controlled dispensing, no constant pressure on the dispensing valve.
  • Water flow rate depends on mains pressure and container size (15 to 20 seconds to fill 1.5 liters).

Energy savings : no cooling unit required.

Simplified installation and maintenance : no need to check or replace cooling parts.

Durability and reliability : food-grade stainless steel construction. Equipment certified France origin guaranteed.

Easy cleaning of the deep-drawn bowl : removable stainless steel grid.


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