Heated units

The heating system in Tournus Equipement’s cabinets is designed to distribute temperature evenly within the unit, keeping the interior temperature in the products inside above 63°C for over two hours.

Standard units only. Units with ventilated heated interior. Stainless steel construction. Height adjustable from 900 to 930 mm. Reinforced inner panels.
Leg diameter 60 mm with jacks. Reinforced sliding doors. One adjustable shelf.

Heating system distributing the interior temperature uniformly, with more than 63°C inside the products for more than 2 hours.

Electrical connection terminal in the service compartment (cable not included).

The heated units can be topped with 1 or 2 additional shelves, neutral or heated, with depth 320 mm and heights 360 and 630 mm. These shelves need to be adjusted to the unit beforehand, which is why they must be ordered at the same time.

Options :

  • rear panel
  • lock and key
  • 4 wheels
Heated unit