Stainless steel tables

The range of tables from Tournus Equipement arises from extremely detailed research aiming to simplify the concept of the work surface. The result is a robust table with unmatched speed of assembly.

Free-standing tables

Stainless steel tables, height 900 mm, adjustable up to 930 mm (850 mm tables available on request). Worktop thickness 1.5 mm, reinforced by 100% waterproof double-sided laminated board. Rounded worktop front and upstand. Underframe made of Ø 45 mm stainless steel tube fitted with adjustable non-slip feet. Fast assembly: no tools required. Rear legs recessed by 55 mm. Instant assembly of drawers in any position on the specially adapted frame. NF food safety approval.

Tables with upstand

Rounded upstand height 100 mm. Rear legs recessed by 65 mm.

Tables with lower shelf

Lower shelf with rounded edges and welded corners.

Tables on wheels

4 swivel wheels Ø 125 mm with polyamide housing including 2 brakes. NF food safety approval.

Chef’s tables

Worktop thickness 1.5 mm. Welded sink 400 x 400 x 250 mm with overflow tube and siphon.

Wall tables

Worktop thickness 1.5 mm. Fastened by 2 wall supports under upstand and 2 brackets Ø 45 mm with jacks for horizontal adjustment.

Customised stainless steel tables

Worktop thickness 1.5 mm. Same design as standard tables. Above 2500 mm: 6 legs. NF food safety approval.