Ergonomix worktops

Ergonomix is an adaptable worktop. It allows everyone to work at the height that suits them, depending on their size or their task. Ergonomix helps reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury which are now the leading cause of work stoppages.

Simple of use : manual operation of the crank makes it possible to raise or lower the platform according to the user’s needs. There is no electrical connection. 

Ergonomic : after adjusting the height, the crank can be folded under the worktop, avoiding the risk of snagging or shocks. 

Stable and solid : the robustness of the pump and the cylinders which ensure the system of guiding, combined with the strength of the welded base reinforced by the cross member and the welded spacers, ensure perfect stability of the worktop during the ascent and descent as well as during the use phase. 

Wide range : Ergonomix, 40 available models : free-standing worktop, worktop with upstand, with or without lower shelf and with or without wheels. Ergonomix can also be equipped with an optional drawer.