1 – HybridStand counters

HybribStand a major innovation for fish sales in supermarkets :  assisted sales for fresh fish or filet fish on ice bed and take away for packaged fish. HybridStand has been especially designed for the display and the preservation of the fish in both forms. Flexibility is optimal.

The counter can be easily and quickly transformed (removal of fish, ice,  washing, tray installation) : assisted sales for fresh fish in the morning and at the weekends and take away for packaged fish in the afternoon and on weekdays. Adapt your offer to your customers to match the working times, days or the season.

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2 – Mariteam counters

For optimum control over seafood temperature. The cold is produced by a static evaporator at the rear top of the counter: as it descends, the cold air envelops the products on display without increasing the risk of drying. Made of food-grade stainless steel. Custom lengths and layouts based on plans. Counters can be produced at open or closed angles. Refrigeration coil on the underside. Injected polyurethane foam insulation.

Smooth base with no roughness for optimum cleaning. Vertical rear edge with cutaway for fitting accessories. Direct lighting built into the shelf along the length of the counter. Curved glazing which can be lifted, even in corners, providing maximum space for stocking and cleaning the counter.

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4 – Faceted counters

Linear or angle counters with an easy view of the fish. This design enables a variety of shapes to be created to organise your display. Made of food-grade stainless steel. Custom lengths and layouts based on plans. … Find out more

6 – Modular counters

To give your fish counter a « market » look. Standard counters 2200 x 1100 mm or 1100 x 1100 mm, on feet or on wheels for flexible arrangement depending on the season or the day of the week… Find out more

7 – Display units

Complementing the fish counter, our promotion furniture, shellfish units and ventilated counters bring your seafood displays to life. They help you offer your customers a wider variety of presentation… Find out more

9 – References

Tournus Equipement is the leading French manufacturer of retail fish counters in terms of the size of its range and the volumes produced. The following pages provide a glimpse of some of our recent installations.… Find out more