HybridStand counters

HybribStand a major innovation for fish sales in supermarkets :  assisted sales for fresh fish or filet fish on ice bed and take away for packaged fish. HybridStand has been especially designed for the display and the preservation of the fish in both forms. Flexibility is optimal.

The counter can be easily and quickly transformed (removal of fish, ice,  washing, tray installation) : assisted sales for fresh fish in the morning and at the weekends and take away for packaged fish in the afternoon and on weekdays. Adapt your offer to your customers to match the working times, days or the season.

Made of food quality stainless steel with a chromium content greater than 17,5 %. 2 automatic operating modes :  fresh fish : on bed of ice, 6 cm thick and ready-packed fish : screwed on the back of the counter. 3 positions rotary control buttom : fresh fish, stop, packaged fish.