Waste sorting

Waste management in the dining area is increasingly frequent, and often involves very young school children. In addition to its educational aspect, the pre-sorting unit also saves time for the washing up staff. Tournus has developed a complete range of units and tables to help in waste management before plates and cutlery are brought to the washing up area.

Children’s waste sorting units

The children’s waste sorting unit is 720 mm high, ideally suited to primary school children. It is designed to be placed against the wall, with the bin bags accessed via a door on the front beneath the tray shelf.

Adults’ waste sorting units

The adults’ waste sorting unit includes a tray shelf on the restaurant side, a stainless steel surface with two or three waste openings and bin bags underneath, inserted using guides at the rear of the unit.

Waste sorting units

Stainless steel construction, 900 mm high. Top 15/10th mm thick and 2 or 3 waste disposal holes Ø 190 – 280 mm with grey rubber surround. Choice of cladding for sides and front from the 21 shades in the Eurodekor by Egger range. Self-service type tray rest.