Serving trolleys

Tournus produces a wide range of serving trolleys for many different uses. The range includes a variety of dimensions and characteristics: trolleys with one or two handles, guard rails and useful additions such as cutlery containers, waste bins and storage covers.

Even easier to use

Gastronorm shelves :

The 800 x 530 mm shelf dimensions of the trolleys allow GN containers to be placed perfectly flat, enabling optimum use of space.

Shelf with rim:

The raised edges around all 4 sides help prevent items placed on the trolley from falling off. The shelves also have a flattened fold underneath that avoids any risk of cutsand a sound deadening pad.

Arched handle:

The handle is inset in order to prevent damage to walls and doors, and cannot make any marks. The trolleys come with two arched handles as standard (very easy to grip) or a single handle so that items exceeding the shelf dimensions can be loaded.

Sturdy construction

The trolleys are made of stainless steel, ensuring they are sturdy and have good corrosion resistance so they are very durable. Loads up to 150kg.

The trays are welded on an advanced automatic welding bench. The weld lines run the whole height of the shelf with no filler metal. This construction method ensures the welds are perfectly regular and exceptionally strong.

The trolleys are equipped with 4 swivel wheels with polyamide housings, 2 with brakes, and with annular bumpers. Non-marking rubber tyres. Two wheels have brakes to immobilise the trolley. The wheel treads and protective bumpers are made of non-marking materials.

Also available : table-clearing trolleys with two handles, supplied flat-packed in cardboard to minimise transport and storage costs. Assembled with screws to a predetermined height.

Accessories that can be hooked onto all the trolley models: cutlery container, scrap bin, waste-bag holder.