GN container trolleys

These trolleys are designed for draining and storing GN containers, racks, trays and covers after they have been washed by hand or machine. The trolleys come in 3 lengths: 678 mm (18 slots), 1278 mm (38 slots) and 1668 mm (51 slots).

Easy storage

The trolleys have 4 levels. They are suitable for storing GN 1/1 and GN 1/2 items of any depth.

The second level is removable, and can be stored on top of the first level, which then allows GN 2/1 containers to be inserted (long) side first for storage in the lower part. In this case the trolleys will have 3 levels.

The trolleys are fitted with 2 easily foldable locking bars for each level. The containers can be loaded from either side.

Once the containers have been put in position, the locking bar is lowered to prevent the containers from moving sideways and falling.

Since the containers are separated, they will drain under optimum conditions so they will be easy to remove when they are needed. In other words, this system avoids any difficulty in separating the trays, which can be problematic when they are piled on top of each other.