Euronorm slide trolleys

A wide range of robust trolleys for food retailers: handling trolleys with 400 mm or 600 mm openings for butchery and baking, storage trolleys with inset wheels suitable for freezer use.

Fully welded construction

The panels are connected by 5 welded spacers.
This design ensures maximum rigidity for the trolleys, whose structure will not deform even under heavy loads. The trolleys can withstand up to 200 kg maximum and 20 kg per level.

The slide bars are continuous welded on an automatic welding bench. The weld seam runs along the whole length of the slide bar with no filler metal. This production process ensures even welds. Above all, it provides exceptional tear resistance.

Racking trolleys

For butchery and baking. The trolleys are equipped with 4 swivel wheels with polyamide housings, guaranteeing smooth operation and good durability. The wheel treads and protective bumpers are non-marking. NF food safety approval.

The trolleys are made of food-grade stainless steel, ensuring their robustness, corrosion resistance and long life. The L-shaped slide bars make it easy to insert containers. The end stops stabilise racks and trays during movement

Storage trolleys

For bakery and pastry. Stainless steel construction. Square tubes 25 x 25 mm. Argon welded slide bars with runner stops at each end. 4 inset swivel wheels Ø 125 mm including 2 brakes, with galvanized steel housings, designed for heavy loads, freezing environments (-40°C) and proving chambers. Also available with removable shelf.