Cafeteria trolleys

You can customise the colour of the trolley sides by choosing from a selection of 21 colours matched to the designs of our self-service lines. Customisation involves placing an adhesive cleaning-resistant film to the outside of the laminated side panels. Colour chart available on request, minimum order 3 trolleys.

A wide range

Tournus offers 14 standard models of trolley for trays of all sizes.


Thanks to the uprights made of 25 x 25 mm tube and the 4.8 mm diameter stainless steel wires, the trolleys are very sturdy and corrosion-resistant. They are built on an automatic welding bench. This product process ensures perfectly even welds.

The trolleys come with 4 stainless steel swivel wheels with polyamide housings and stainless steel axles and ball bearings. The ball bearings guarantee smooth movement and optimum durability Two wheels have brakes so that the trolleys can be immobilised. The wheel treads and protective bumpers leave no marks.


The H-shaped design of the trolleys (tall models and low models with no top tray) means they are semi-stackable, saving space during transport and storage.

The low trolleys are the ideal size for children. The upper tray has raised edges on all 4 sides, preventing items placed on top of the trolleys from falling off, and retaining any liquids.

Trolleys with side panels: the laminated panels fixed with clips are easy to remove for thorough cleaning. The panels can also be installed on trolleys that did not have any originally.

Fall protection clips for trays at the entrance to each level.


You can customise the decoration of the trolley sides by choosing from the 21 colours of our self-service lines (colour chart available on request).

You can also customise the trolleys with your logo or your customers’ logos.